Shades of  Juniper

James Bond killed the martini,” a friend asserted recently in emphatic protest. 

“Sacrilege,” retorted another.

We were discussing the merits of gin over gin cocktails at (appropriately) The Gin Joint, an intimate, dimly lit Charleston cubbyhole known for its creative cocktails and snub of all things vodka. 

Spring Forward

Spring means fresh starts, reinvention. At my flagship restaurant Michy’s in Miami, we are shaking things up a bit, transforming our look and menu to keep it fresh, fun, and bright—an intentional shift to breathe new life into our beloved neighborhood bistro.

Seeds of Change

In a pinch of soil, there are more than six billion living things. a calm Sammy Koenigsberg looks out the window of the coffee shop where we are meeting to ponder this fact, his blue-green eyes fixed on something far off in the distance.