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    • The “Best” Mint Julep

      The “Best” Mint Julep

      Whether or not you actually make it to Louisville is inconsequential. What is important is celebrating the Derby with the perfect julep, and we've asked TLP contributing beverage editor, Greg Best, to share his version here. Even Louisville chef Edward Lee, who shares his jalapeño-spiked julep in our May issue, cites Best's julep as, well, the best! 


    • Infinitely Poppable Pimiento Cheese Wontons

      Infinitely Poppable Pimiento Cheese Wontons

      It's patio time, it's porch time, it's picnic time—aka, it's the perfect time for pimiento cheese. Although we love it slathered on a sandwich or atop a juicy burger, we recently saw an ingenious twist on the Southern treat in Atlanta.

    • Rock On with Punk Wok

      Rock On with Punk Wok

      As a young chef, Elliott Moss fantasized about a restaurant where geishas in kimono presided over the tables, ninjas mixed the cocktails, punk posters suffocated the walls, and the Misfits blasted through the sound system. He would call it Punk Wok.